Big vision, big goals

Bible League aims to make meet the spiritual, moral, and social needs of communities worldwide. Communicating a vision that big requires a comprehensive web strategy that is engaging and easy to use. Digizent has helped Bible League do just that.

A new look in a new season

BLI requested a new color and font palette to add some excitement to their new website. Not only does the redesigned website provide a much better user experience, but it also has a completely new visual look and feels.

Bible League Main Device
Bible League Second Device
Bible League Desktop Main Device
Engaging deeper

Giving donors an opportunity to engage where it matters most to them was a key objective for Digizent. As site visitors explore Bible League, all content elements give users to contextually give right where their hearts are touched.

Bible League Desktop Second Device
Relevant today

Daily inspiration from Scripture gives site visitors reminders about what really matters. Every day, new verses are displayed and encourage visitors worldwide.

Bible League Mobile Front View
Bible League Mobile Left View
Bible League Mobile Right View
Bli Overview Desktop
Dynamic impact and dynamic stories

As users engage more, their preferences and areas of focus become more fine-tuned. Relating dynamic stories to the already dynamic impact Bible League is having creates a deeper understanding of the word they are doing around the world.

Measurable results
Bible League’s website allows donors to really have a direct impact on their worldwide ministry. Digizent is helping Bible League by making it easier for donors to give. After the new site launch, that increase was clocked at a 92% growth for year one!
Bible League Showcase Device
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