Telling timely stories

Communicating stories in today’s world is essential. This is especially true in a media-saturated environment where having updated and relevant information makes a big difference. Digizent helped First Liberty develop a completely revamped media outlet that allows users to easily find and engage with media that is important to them.

More video, more needs

As the First Liberty Live video library grew, so did the need for an interface that allowed users to engage with a simple, intuitive and comprehensive media outlet. Digizent helped First Liberty move from a page with new videos added to a full streaming outlet for maximum impact.

First Liberty Main Device
First Liberty Second Device
First Liberty Desktop Main Device
Watch, react, give

Contextual giving is an important tool for fundraisers. Adding giving options immediately in the vicinity of content was a feature that Digizent launched for First Liberty, tied directly into the intuitive FlexFormz giving mechanism. The result? Record-breaking* events that set the bar high for fundraisers.
*After implementing a ‘Give Anywhere’ button, First Liberty broke the 24-hour record for all giving on FlexFormz.

First Liberty Desktop Second Device
So much to watch…

Allowing users to choose exactly what they want to watch, choose a series, engage in relevant topics, or share a specific video is an important part of building a streaming media outlet. Digizent helped First Liberty do just that, with engaging interface elements and intuitive pathways.

First Liberty Mobile Front View
First Liberty Mobile Left View
First Liberty Mobile Right View
Firstliberty Overview Desktop
Updating is easy

With a large and ever-changing library, being able to quickly and easily release content is key. Digizent helps First Liberty by creating an environment that allows the fast publishing of new videos when the situation arises. This allows First Liberty to quickly react to the news cycle and stay ahead of the communication curve.

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