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Crown aims to make practical tools available to people struggling with financial concerns. A new website design allows them to address their multiple audiences in very targeted ways.

An intuitive redesign

The new Crown website marks a complete redesign, prioritizing a more intuitive user experience to empower individuals in addressing their financial worries. With a user-centric approach, the website offers streamlined navigation, clear categorization, and intuitive search functionality, allowing visitors to easily locate the tools and resources they need.

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Quick access

The new Crown website enhances their mission by providing quick access to top tools like financial calculators or helpful videos. With a user-friendly interface, visitors can easily discover and access the most essential tools for budgeting, savings, and debt management. By prioritizing speed and accessibility, the redesigned site empowers users to take immediate action towards their financial well-being.

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Helping all

The new site supports individuals seeking help while keeping donors engaged and enabling them to make a meaningful impact on the lives of others. The platform cultivates donor engagement by highlighting impactful success stories and illustrating the positive outcomes of their contributions.

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Streamlined content

The new site ingeniously repurposes decades of content within a fresh design, streamlining the process for the organization while maintaining the value of their extensive archives. With careful planning and strategic implementation, the new site seamlessly integrates the existing wealth of content into a new framework, ensuring a smooth transition.

Effortless content management
The user-friendly design of this site ensures that updating content becomes a hassle-free task for the organization, eliminating the need for specialized technical skills.
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