Global, secure and fun

Focus on the Family released an interactive workshop site aimed at teenagers. Security and safety were critical in protecting user identities while the content was accessible to millions in 8 different languages.

Interactive and engaging

Engaging teenagers from the get-go, the Focus on the Family No Apologies website launch presents a diverse range of content, including immersive course experiences and interactive quizzes where they can learn in a completely safe environment.

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Safe and secure

The Focus on the Family No Apologies site was meticulously built with the utmost consideration for the privacy and protection of its young visitors’ identities. A robust and secure registration process ensures that personal information remains confidential, employing advanced encryption protocols and safeguards to prevent unauthorized access or data breaches.

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Yes! ¡Sí!

The whole project was carefully designed and developed to accommodate multiple languages and character sets for users around the world. The incorporation of various character sets, such as Latin, Chinese, Arabic, and more, enables the website to display and handle diverse writing systems accurately. Additionally, the site’s architecture and infrastructure were engineered to support multilingual functionality.

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Built for learning
Thoughtfully designed to seamlessly follow and align with an offline course, the site provides a holistic and immersive learning experience for its users. By incorporating course materials, assignments, and interactive modules that complement the offline curriculum, the website enhances the learning process and offers additional resources for young individuals.
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