People are Most Important

SGA’s website redesign brings stories to life, highlighting the impact of every donation through compelling narratives and vivid imagery. Our goal is show more people, their stories, and their journeys, ensuring that life-transformation is at the forefront of SGA’s digital presence.

An Award-Winning New Look

The Silver Davey Award-winning redesign of SGA’s website has reenergized the platform, making it more user-friendly, readable, and engaging. This transformation ensures that the website aligns with SGA’s commitment to serving donors and touching their hearts.

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Choices with Gift Catalog

The new Gift Catalog, powered by FlexFormz, empowers SGA’s donors with choices in giving campaigns. Now, donors can easily select and support causes that resonate with their hearts, making a meaningful difference in the areas they care about most.

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A Human Connection

SGA’s website now offers a richer experience, shining a spotlight on stories, photos, and human connections. We’ve enhanced exposure and made it effortless for visitors to immerse themselves in the heartfelt narratives, forging a deeper human connection with the impactful work SGA does.

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Clear Navigation

With Digizent’s expertise, SGA’s website now boasts a streamlined navigation experience, meticulously aligned with user data and a refined UX. Donors can effortlessly find what they’re looking for, ensuring their journey on the site is efficient and rewarding.

Simplified Complexity
The new design has masterfully simplified the complexity of SGA’s multifaceted programs spanning multiple countries. From Orphans and Widows to Pastor Training and Summer Camps, it’s now effortless for users to grasp the vast scope of this operation and understand the profound impact it brings to countless lives.
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